Oilseeds & Pulses

Sesame Seeds
Specification For Humera Type: Ethiopian Whitish Sesame Seeds, Humera Type New Crop, Purity 99% Min, Admixture1% Max, Oil Content 50% Min, Moisture 6% Max, Ffa 2% Max, Well Cleaned Free From Any Alive And Dead Insects, and/or Weevils, Fit For Human Consumption. Specification For Wellega Type: Ethiopian Sesame Seeds, Welega Type New Crop, Purity 98.5% Min, Admixture1.5% Max, Oil Content 52% Min, Moisture 6% Max, Ffa 2% Max, Well Cleaned Free From Any Alive And Dead Insects, and/or Weevils, Fit For Human Consumption.
Niger Seeds
Specification for Ethiopian Niger Seeds:- Purity:- 98.5%, Moisture:- 8.0%, Other combination:- 1.5%
linseeds( Flax Seeds)
New crop, 99%-99.5% purity, Ad mixture:- 0.5-1% , Moisture max: 6% , FFA MAX:- 1.5%, Oil content min:- 50%, Machine cleaned, free from any live or dead insects/weevils, and fit for human consumption
Castor Seeds
Broken/shriveled and Damage:- 0.71%, Foreign matter:- 0.18%, Moisture:- 5.01%, Protein Min:- 17.44%, Fat Min:- 50.57%, Crude Fiber Min:- 25.16%, Ash Min:- 2.57%, Calcium ( MG/100GM) 438.51, Zinc ( MG/100GM):- 3.74, Iron (MG/100GM):- 6.23, Bean Count 127.133 Beans
Sun Flower Seeds
Specifications of sunflower seeds:- Purity 98.5%, Brone/Shriveled and Damage:- 0.3 % max, Other combination 0.5 % max, Moisture:0- 12% max, Free from weevil, Insects, Infestation
Soya Beans
Specification For Soya Bean: New crop Machine cleaned Purity: 98%min, Admixture: 2% max, Foreign Matter 2% Max, Damaged: 1.0% max, Oil content: 18% min, Protein: 35%min, Moisture: 9%max Foreign matter: 1%max other color: 3% Max Fumigated prior to shipment, free from abnormal smell and odor, from any alive and dead weevils and insects, free from mud and stones, fit for human consumption.
Type -Reddish Broken /Split/Damaged - 0.85% Beans Count 156 Beans /100 - Gram Moisture - 7.85 %
Export of pulses
Desi chick peas
Specification For Ethiopian Desi Chick Peans: Ethiopian Desi Chickpeas: New Crop, Damage: Max 2 % (according to Ethiopian standard), Foreign Materials: 1% max, Splits: 1%max, Moisture: 12%max, Black Seeds:2%max, Free from alive weevils/insects and unknown foreign substances have good natural color and appearance, freshly fumigated and fit for human consumption.
Kabuli Chickpeas
Specification For Ethiopian Kabuli Chick Peans: Ethiopian Kabuli Chickpeas, Ethiopian origin Kabuli chickpeas 5-7mm size, machine cleaned, purity 99%, defective 1%, Foreign matter (admixture) impurity 1%, free from dead/live insects, weevils, weevil eggs, hole, fit for human consumption, crop year 2017/18.
Pumpkin seeds
Specification for Pumpkin seeds: -Purity: - 98%, Total defective: - 5% max, Moisture:- 10% Max
Red Kidney Beans
Specification For Red Kedney Bean: Ethiopian red kidney beans Gojjamtype,Color reddish uniform colors, handpicked with max 1%. Admix, absolutely free from dead or alive weevils, moisture content 14% max. THE SPECIFICATION FOR RED KEDNEY BEAN: Ethiopian red kidney beans welkitehps quality: Purity 99%, well dried, free from dead/alive weevils, insects, eggs and holes, moisture Content 14% max, well fumigated and fit for human consumption, new crop year.
White Pea Beans
Specification for white pea beans:- Machine Cleaned, Free From Weevils Dead Or Alive Insects, Fragments Free From Water Damage, In Sound Merchantable Quality Of Natural Taste And Smell, Fumigated, Fit For Human Consumption, Machine Cleaned, Purity Min 95%, Moisture Content Max 13%, Foreign Matters Max 1%, Damaged Seeds Max 4%...
Red Speckled Beans
Foreign matter, Splits, Damaged(Wrinkled & Broken), Glass Metal, Under Size/Shirivelled, Contrasting glass beans total, Moisture, Dead/Weevils/insects, Beans’ count/of sound beans/ – 240Beans/100gm
Light Speckled Beans
Foreign Matter - Nil Split - Nil Damaged And Undersize - 1.96% Glass/Metal - Nil Moisture - 11.32% Beans Count Of Sound Beans - 233 Beans/ 100 Gram Dead/Live Weevils/Insects - Not Detected
Pinto Beans
Foreign Matter - Nil Broken / Damaged - 0.36% Splits - Nil Under Size -1.39% Total Defects - 0.36% Lbkb - 0.93% Lskb -1.49% Various Other Colons - 1.90% Moisture - 13% Max Beans Count -280 – 320 Count / 100 Gram Hand-Picked, No Insect Holes Free From Holed Grains
Green Mung Beans
Specification For Green Mung Bean: Green Mung Beans, Ethiopian Origin Green Mung Beans, Machine Cleaned; NEW Crop, Size: 2.8 – 3.2 mm. Purity Min.: 99% Foreign Material: 0.5% max, Admixture Max.: 0.5% Immature Max.: 1% Moisture Max.: 13% Germination Min. 90%.
Black Beans
Color - 100% Black Beans Foreign Matter - Nil Split - Nil Damaged ( Wrinkled And Broken) - 0.67% Undersize/Shriveled - 2.98% Glass/Metal - Nil Total Defect - 3.63% Moisture - 9.13% Beans Count Of Sound Beans - 540-545 Beans/100 Gram Free From Dead And Alive Weevils
Bitter Lupines Beans
Specifications for Ethiopian Lupines:- Split:- 1.6%, Broekn/Shriveled and Damage:- 2.0%, Foreign Matter:- 0.5%, Moisture:- 13.0%, Shriveled:- 8.0%, Size:- 6-8MM

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